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What the hell is a Direct TV Hack?


For as long as satellite and cable TV have been around, many people have tried to trick the system through technical trickery, otherwise known as “hacking”

Back in the day when the technology was relatively new and less sophisticated than it is today. “Hacking” the system wasn’t as dangerous, costly or involved as it is now.

These days if you want to try and come up with a Direct TV Hack, it could put you in jail. You will be fighting a technological uphill battle with tough new laws coming into play and the Direct TV systems getting much harder to “hack”. If you don’t think it is that hard to hack Direct TV well think again. Here’s a list of just SOME of the cases Direct TV has won.

- Direct TV was recently awarded $70,450.00 in damages against a Pennsylvania man who stole Direct TV programming for more than a year.

- A South Carolina man recently plead guilty to distributing illegal Direct TV cards (the classic Direct TV hack) and now faces $750,000.00 in fines and three years in prison.

- And lest you think it stops with private individuals, Direct TV recently won a case against a New York bar that was fined $50,000.00 for their Direct TV hack.

I bet these guys wish now that they just opted in for paying the $40 or so monthly fee, they wouldn’t be in jail right now huh?

So are you going to try and do a Direct TV Hack?

I can understand why many people would be looking for a Direct TV Hack these days, with the economic meltdown and when the interest rates just seem to be going up all the time. Many unfortunate people are losing their homes! I would imagine that anyone that is still just getting by would jump at an opportunity to be able to save at least $1000 this year.

If you are paying for Direct TV each month, this is about the price you would pay each year! Families are choosing to stay at home more and rent a movie or pay for cable or satellite TV in an attempt to save money on going out to the movies, or out to dinner each week. So you still need your Direct TV Right? But what about the $1000 a year price tag I mentioned?

Well I have found the perfect solution for you. Satellite TV for Your PC is a program that you install on your PC, which allows you to watch over 3000 channels live from all around the world. The majority of channels are coming directly out of the U.S. which has all of your sports, kids, entertainment, movies, news channels and many more.

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I actually purchased this a few weeks ago for a onetime cost of $49.95. Now I’m here in Australia and we have what’s called Foxtel, which is just the same as Direct TV. Being able to say good bye to my Foxtel this year will save me over $1000 from recurring monthly bills. It’s great because I can pick up most of the channels I had airing over here in Australia through my PC.

What about my comfy lounge?

I must say that I have a pretty nice home entertainment system here and I wanted to be able to watch the channels coming through my PC on my widescreen TV and the surround sound. Many of you may have the same issue. So I figured out a way to connect my PC to my TV.

On the back all PC’s you have your video card with outputs for audio, monitors, or your TV. Most video cards will have the S-Video output or the HDMI output, the same goes for most TV sets also. Because my TV is a newer style TV it has the HDMI output which is able to pick up a nice digital signal. Older style TV sets will have the S-Video output, which means if you have an older style TV you will be ready to view all of the channels that are pumping through your PC on your TV.

So get ready to not only save over $1000 this year but also sit back and relax on your comfy lounge with your family or a loved one while you share some popcorn and watch a lengthy movie.

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NO Extra Hardware

NO Extra Satellite Dish

NO Spyware

NO Subscriptions or Recurring Charges Ever

Works Anywhere In the World

Happy saving and take care.

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